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Payment Methods


4.1 Payment of the product prices and relevant delivery costs must be made by using credit cards or bank transfer. The credit cards accepted are: Visa and MasterCard. You have to be the holder of a valid credit card at the moment of the order online and the name on the credit card must correspond to the name on the invoice. If these requirements are not satisfied, it won’t be possible to proceed the order.

4.2 We provide the delivery of products only once your credit card data has been verified. The transaction will be charged to your credit card only once the credit card data has been verified; and only after having received the debiting authorization from the credit card issuer and product availability has been verified by us. The Customer’s credit card will be charged only once the order is ready to be processed.

4.3 All payment details will be sent by encrypted protocol to Banca Sella without third parties having any access thereto. Such details will not be used except for performing the purchase procedure or issuing refunds in the case of returns.

4.4.During the process of purchasing, l’Opificio has access to the credit card data ( i.e. credit card number and expire date), which is directly sent to whom who makes the electronic payment through a connection protected by an encrypted protocol. l’Opifcio does not keep the data in any computer file. 

4.5 l’Opificio can not be hold responsible, in any case, for any fraudulent or illegal use of the credit card  by third parties.

4.5 Bank Transfer: by choosing this payment method, once the order is completed is it necessary to comply with the following procedure: 

·      the reason for payment have to specify: number and date of order, name and surname of who is placing the order;                                                                                                          

The bank transfer should be made in favour of:                                                                   

Beneficiary: Opificio Serico Fiorentino s.r.l.
Bank: Banca Sella
IBAN Code: IT 29 Y 03268 01009 001893152830                                                                                                 

Bank procedures plan that the transfer made should be validate on beneficiary (Opificio Serico Fiorentino s.r.l.) bank account not before 3/5 days from its execution, therefore to these amount of days should be added the days between the date you place the order and the date you will make the transfer.

After 10 days from the date of order placement without Opificio Serico Fiorentino s.r.l. receiving the bank transfer, l’Opificio will provide to cancel the order.