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1. l’Opificio
2. The products: Jacquard Fabrics, Velvets, Cushions, Quilts, Bed-spreads, Pouf and Fashion
3. What can you do on l’Opificio Shop online
4. Fabrics and Velvets
5. Cushions
6. Quilts and Bed-spreads
7. Account Registration and Account management
8. Orders and Deliveries
9. Returns
10. Care and Maintenance
11. Technical Problems





“Everything we do we believe in giving you the best. 

Making our products beautifully designed with an excellent cut length service 

and simple to use BtoB and BtoC platforms

we just happen to make beautiful Fabrics Velvets and Home Couture 

Made in Italy for you!”


1. l’Opificio

Who is l’Opificio?
l’Opificio is a family company created in 1998 by the siblings Paola, Barbara and Federico Bertoldo. We design and produce high-end fabrics and velvets for furnishing and interiors 100% Made in Italy with zero formaldehyde nor any heavy metal. We are based in Turin

What does it mean to produce Textiles without Formaldehyde?

Formaldehyde is an extremely toxic substance for the human being and the environment. In 2004 the IARC has included Formaldehyde among the Group 1 Substances (cancerogenic).
l’Opificio sustainable textiles use only high-quality fibres, carefully selected, produced respecting the animals and the environment. This is the best way to respect the human being in its world.
l’Opificio is proud to be “formaldehyde-free” proposing beautiful and healthy textiles without any compromise in the design.

2. The Products: Jacquard Fabrics, Velvets, Cushions, Quilts, Bed Spreads, Pouf and Fashion

What can you do with l’Opificio produced Fabrics and Velvets for furnishing?
l’Opificio Fabrics and Velvets are technically and qualitative designed and produced for Furnishing, Upholstery, Decoration. Curtains and Tapestry.

All l’Opificio Jacquard Fabrics and Velvets have an excellent resistance to abrasion (Martindale), to the nail and to the light which, combined with a timeless design, make the collection unique.

All l’Opificio Fabrics and Velvets are perfect not only for the sofas, armchairs and couches in general, but also for Curtains, Decorative Cushions, Quilts, Bed Spreads and Fashion.

3. What can you do on l’Opificio Shop online

To purchase on you don’t need to register. We suggest though to create an account to access exclusive services and sections dedicated to our clients.

What can you do on l’Opificio Shop online
You can purchase furnishing Fabrics and Velvets by meters. You can purchase Cushions, Quilts, Home Accents and Fashion.

May I ask for bespoke service?
Registering on our shop online you will have access to all our services, including the Bespoke Service, or you can contact directly l’Opificio via mail at or by phone at 011 19834492, or via whatsapp at 345 3593176 for Italy and at +39 375 6529785 for abroad. We will respond the soonest.

Or you can request an online Consultation through the dedicated form “Request a bespoke consultancy” 

Can I save the products I prefer in the Wish List and view them later?
Yes, you can. You can save your preferred products in your Wish List and view or share them later. Register to access the services

How can I find the nearest retailer to me? 
You can contact us at  indicating your town. We will respond as soon as possible with the relevant information about the nearest retailer.
Or you can visit our page of l’ dedicated to the boutiques  or contact us at 0039 (11) 1983 4492

What about the use of the Surfing Filters?
The Surfing Filters allow you to sharpen your research for:
- Fabrics and Velvets: Collections, Pattern, Colour and Categories
- Cushions, Home Couture: Collection, Pattern, Colour, Dimension, Form and Model
When using the filters, dimensions and price in the section Cushions, different products in terms of price and dimension could be proposed. Thanks to the multiple possibilities of choice, also apparently not complying products could be shown. Clicking inside each single product shown you will be able to select the exact cushion corresponding to the parameters chosen 

The colours seen on the screen are real?
Although l’Opificio makes any attempt to guarantee that the pictures shown on the web are faithful reproduction of the original product, including the use of any technical means to reduce inaccuracy, differences can arise due to the use of a computer screens with different technical characteristics and resolution. Therefore, l’Opificio is not responsible for eventual photographic inaccuracy of the products because of the technical characteristics mentioned above, as these pictures are only explicative. 

4. Jacquard Fabrics and Velvets for furnishing and upholstery

Can I receive a catalogue of your Fabrics and Velvets?
All collections and colour variants of l’Opificio Jacquard Fabrics and Velvets are visible on our shop online accessing the dedicated sections  and


Which is the minimum quantity I have to buy?
You can start to buy from one meter, the textile can be purchased in multiples of one meter. The indicated price refers to one m of textile.

What do we mean by width and length of a textile?
Textiles have a width that is the distance between the two selvedge (edge) and a length that corresponds to the quantity of textile bought.
Roll length is normally between 30-50m

Which is the length of a Textile?
Our textiles have a width from 125cm up to 140cm except those in double-width that measure 290cm.

The width is always indicated in the product sheet.
On the product sheet entering in “Details” you will find all technical information, beside the width, the repeat, the use, care instructions and composition.

What do we intend with the repeat of a Textile?
With repeat we intend: every how many centimetres a pattern is repeated horizontally (horizontal repeat) and vertically (vertical repeat).

5. Cushions

Help! How many cushions for my sofa or my bed?
You will find suggestions and recommendation on how to place the cushions on your sofa or bed here: Have a sit! Ideas for your sofa

Can I receive a catalogue of the cushions and soft furnishing?
You can see various cushion models made with our collections in the dedicated section.

May I request a bespoke cushion, quilt or home accent with different dimensions and/or Textile among those proposed?

Registering on our shop online you have access to all our services including the Bespoke service. Or you can contact directly l’Opificio via mail at or call at 0039 011 19834492, or via whatsapp at 0039 345 3503176 for Italy and 0039 375 6529785 for Europe. We will answer the soonest.
Or you can request an online Consultation filling the dedicated form “Request a bespoke consultancy” 

May I buy only the Cushion covers?
l’Opificio suggest to buy the Cushions with the filling, as they are made to measure to enhance the beauty of the cushions.

Can I purchase the Cushions without filling?
l’Opificio suggest to buy the Cushions with the filling, to ensure that they will arrive at destination in perfect conditions.

6. Quilts, Bed-Covers, Bed-runners

What is the filling of your Quilts?
l’Opificio quilts standard filling is fixed, in hypoallergenic Dacron 100gr

How should I choose the dimensions of a Quilt, Bed-cover or Be-runner? Can I have it bespoke?
Registering on our shop online you have access to all our services including the Bespoke service. Or you can contact directly l’Opificio via mail at or call at 0039 01119834492, or via whatsapp at 0039 345 3503176 for Italy and 0039 375 6529785 for Europe. We will answer the soonest.

How should I wash l’Opificio soft-furnishings?
The maintenance care of your article includes few easy rules: first of all, dry cleaning in a qualified professional laundry. Cushions, Quilts and Bed-covers will require a protective quilt made with a thread to baste before treatment.

7. Registration and Account management

How can I register and cancel my registration to the Newsletter?
Scrolling the Homepage of our shop online you will find the section dedicated to the Newsletter registration

Registering to the Newsletter is for free?
You can register to l’Opificio Newsletter for free, no compulsory purchase is therewith included, it offers you the possibility to be kept up to date with all our promotions.

The Newsletter registration can be cancelled?
You can cancel your registration at any time, directly clicking the link at the end of any Newsletter received.

How can I change Newsletter settings?
After the registration you can change Newsletter settings any moment: you just have to enter your account and go to “Contact Preferences”, and choose how you want to receive it.

These changes can be made from the Newsletter itself by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” button. Remember that if you unsubscribe you will not be updated anymore about our exclusive promotions.

What do I do if I forget the password of my account?
No problem if you forgot your password: you just have to click on “Log in” button (up-right side) and choose the option “Forgot your password” and insert twice the new password. You will receive an email with a link to confirm the new password of your account.

Do I have to register to place an order?
No, you can place an Order as Guest, we will ask you only the required information for delivery.

To register at is optional and allows to speed up your purchases and obtain unique benefits. When register you access a private control panel where you can verify the status of your order, manage your personal data, add or remove products from your personal list.

How can I change data on my account?
Change or update your personal data is quick and easy: after logging in, you just have to click on “My Account” (up-right on our website) and modify the data in the different sections. All changes will be done by clicking on “Save” button.

What about the Privacy?
l’Opificio give great importance to the security of the data and to request of using them according to the stringiest law indications about the data protection. (Circular Art.13 del Reg. UE n. 679/2016)

More detailed information can be found in the section Privacy policy. As to exercise your right as per Art. / of the Privacy Codex, the client can contact: l’Opificio Via Martiri della Libertà, 42 10131 Torino 

8. Orders and Shipping

How can I place an order on l’Opificio?
Placing an order is very easy. After selecting a product and adding it on the cart, click on the “Purchase” button. A page will open (Order Form) where you will be required to fill the shipping and billing information. If you register on our website, the data will be requested only on your first purchase and then will be saved in order to make easier your next purchases.
If your billing address is different from the shipping one, you can obviously save both. 

If you have a l’Opificio coupon, you can use it while placing your order before clicking the button “Purchase”.
After entering your data, you can choose the payment method you prefer. 
After confirming and accepted terms and conditions, you can place your order. Right after, you will receive an email with the order confirmation.

Where can I check my order status?
To verify the order status, you can access into “My account” area and click on the “My orders” section, where you will see your orders listed. It is possible to check the status of each order.

We will notify the delivery by emailing you at the email address you have provided at the moment you have placed an order. In the “My Orders” you will find the Proforma Invoice as a PDF.

What payment methods do you accept?
l’Opificio offers several payment methods allowing the use of the most used credit cards. Security is a priority for us, so all the information will be crypted and payments are carried out on Banca Sella Platform or via PayPal.

We offer you the possibility to pay by:

Credit Card
HYPE by Banca Sella
Bank Transfer
Pay with MasterPass
Poste Pay

When will I receive my order?
Each piece is sewn after the order. Products will be delivered within a maximum of 30 (thirty) days, starting from the day after we receive the payment.

The delivery timeframe of the orders is submitted to production timeline (where required) and depends on the availability and the type of the ordered product. 

Products described as “Prompt delivery” are delivered in 2/3 days working days (excluded deliveries in certain deprived areas).

Most of the times, the product chosen will be prepared expressly for your order, so the delivery schedule will be the result of a handcraft production process, which requires care in details and ad-hoc production.

l’Opificio undertakes to respect the estimated delivery time communicated on the website, however, should unexpected events occur during production or shipping, you will be promptly notified by our team. In case of any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us at
Delivery time can be changed in case of festivities, company holidays or force-majeure.

Which is the delivery time for furnishing Fabrics and Velvets collection?When fabrics and velvets for upholstery are available, delivery is within 15 days. Should the fabric or velvet ordered not be available, you will be contacted and informed about the foreseen delivery date.

Can I buy samplings of furnishing Fabrics and Velvets?
Of course, accessing the colour variant chosen, scrolling the page, you will find the box dedicated to the purchase of samplings. Follow the instructions.
You can buy up to 5 cuttings for 10,00 Euros + delivery costs, which will be accredited to your cart, when purchased.

What about delivery time?
Cutting will be prepared in few days.

How much does delivery cost?
Shipping fees are of 6,90 Euro for deliveries within Italy and of 15,00 Euro for abroad deliveries.

More Info Sales Conditions
In case of special promotions and events these amounts may be modified. You will be informed about such changes before concluding the purchase.
Shipping fees are indicated together with the product price in your Cart.

Do you ship outside Italy?
l’Opificio ship to whole Europe and in all the countries indicated in the section Shipping
You can send us an email to  specifying the destination area and will give you the relevant information.

Can I track my shipment?
Yes. You will receive the tracking number of your shipment by email together with the confirmation of the shipment.

Who will take care of the delivery of my order?
l’Opificio provide you the most exciting shopping experience! Our logistic team works close with the best international couriers, your order will be safely delivered to the address you provided us (indicated in your Order Form) while placing the order.

l’Opificio works with couriers qualified in deliveries of interior decoration products.

How should I act upon delivery?
We strongly suggest you to follow these steps during when receiving your delivery:

a- check the boxes are as many as reported on the delivery note;
b- check the integrity of the packaging and report any sign of damage.
In case you think something went wrong with your delivery, please make sure you sign the delivery note as “accepted with reserve” and report any damage to the courier as well as contact us at

How can I request an invoice?
In order to receive the invoice, fill in, before concluding your purchase, the “Invoice data” sheet.
You can not request an Invoice after concluding your purchase.

How can I contact you for product assistance?
If you need assistance or want to make a complaint regarding the purchased products, you can contact l’Opificio at
If you want to be contacted by phone, please specify it in your email and give us your details.

9. Returns  - When can I return a product and ask for refund of my order?
No worries!! If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order you can ask for refund and return the product easily and quickly. The right of withdrawal is regulated by current laws.

I’ve changed my mind and I want to cancel my order. What have I to do?
If you changed your mind you can cancel your order, unless the products are already in the process of delivered, by contacting us at 
Or, inside of “My Profile”, section “My Orders”, section “Delivered Order” you will be able to request a Return through the form “Return Request”

If your order is in the delivering process, you should wait to receive it and then return it.

What can I return and how?
You can return the purchased product/s by informing us within 14 working days starting from the day of delivery. The return policy, regulated by these conditions of sale, does not apply to those products that are customised and/or manufactured bespoke or customised.

How does the return work? What I have to do?
To return your order you have to:
a - Make sure that the products you want to return are in their original conditions and not damaged, products should not have been used or washed and the identification tag should still be attached to the products as integral part of the goods;
b - products should be returned with their original packaging, the same protective box and the same cardboard frames used for the delivery. If the original packaging is broken or not available, you must use an appropriate alternative package in order to return the product(s) to l’Opificio warehouse with the greatest possible care.
c - Fill in online the Return Form; the form must be filled in and transmitted within fourteen (14) days upon receipt of the products;
d -  make sure to include in the package a copy of the delivery-note on which you will highlight the products you are returning and the reason of return, or you can print and enclose in the package the return form;
e - You can ship with the courier we suggest on the Return Form (UPS), using the return label with the barcode provided in the package; you have to give the products to the courier (UPS) within fourteen (14) days, starting from the day in which you inform us about your decision to withdraw from this contract.

Should you decide to use a different courier from the one we suggest, you can find further information on the conditions of sales (section 6).

Can I have product(s) replaced?
In case of wrong or faulty product(s), we can replace your article with the same one you ordered and you have to return the wrong or faulty product within 14 days upon delivery. In case you want to change the article (upon availability as stated in Terms and Conditions) or order a different one, you should return the one you received and place a new order.

How and when will I be refund?
By returning a product you will be 100% refund. If the product(s) is wrong or faulty, l’Opificio will refund you all the money you spent on our site, including delivery, which in other cases will be charged to you. Partial or damaged returns will correspond to partial refunds. Whichever is the payment method you used, the integral or partial refund will be done in the shortest time possible within fourteen (14) days starting from the day we received your request to exercise your right of withdrawal, though only after having verified the correct execution of your right of withdrawal and the conditions of the returned goods.
We will refund you by the same payment method you used in the purchase, unless you expressly asked us to use a different payment method (write to

10. Care and Maintenance
Can we wash l’Opificio Fabrics, Velvets and Soft-furnishing?

The maintenance care of your article includes few easy rules: first of all, dry cleaning in a qualified professional laundry. Cushions, Quilts and Bed-covers will require a protective quilt made with a thread to baste before treatment.
For articles in Cotton Velvet any marks due to the time passing can be easily eliminated by steaming it without putting the iron directly on the piece itself.
We suggest only for fire-retardant textiles to wash them in the washing machine, temperature lower than 30odelicate wash, ½ load and gentle spin. 

11. Technical Problems
I Have technical problems navigating the website. Who should I contact?

Our desire is that our clients enjoy a perfect purchasing experience, but we know that sometimes inconveniences occur: Just send a mail to . We will reply in 24/48 working hours excluding festivities.

I Have technical problems navigating the website. What should I do?
For any problems we suggest you to make sure that your operating system (e.g. Windows Vista, Mac OS X) is provided with the latest updating and patch.
If the problem persists, write at specifying if possible:
• Operative system (e.g.: Windows XP, Mac OS X)
• Browser (e.g.: Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Safari)
• Description of the error occurred (you can enclose a screenshot).